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Aloha Avi,
Just checked out your site and read the question from Rosen & Michaels, and your response. My question is considering they have "hundreds of items" to photograph and post to their website, and the lowest price I noted in your "What will it cost" section was "$120-450 for ten items, plus additional expenses, how can a company justify that cost, especially if this is not a one time occurrence? Lets just say I have 300 items such as the diamond ring to the left here, pearls mixed with gemstones, and various colored gemstone pieces to photograph as well; What cost would I be looking to obtain photos of such quality from you?

Mahalo in advance for your reply,
Daniel Rokovitz, 

Aloha Daniel,
Thank you for contacting Digital Jeweller regarding your jewelry photography needs. In this brief response I will try and answer your question.

First, let me ask you why would you be interested in us to photograph your jewelry? And second, have you considered having your jewelry collection photographed in a progressive method? Let's say you would initially photograph only 100 items or maybe 50 and see if the new and improved look will generate more sales?


In almost all cases, these costs are to high if, your company would sale only one item of the photographed collection or use it for only one single purpose.

I.E. One of our new clients is having some of the same jewelry photographed twice. Single items photographed on white background for web sales, and small groups of mixed-items photographed to adorn the pages of Cosmopolitan or Vogue magazine to drive business to his web site.

How can a company justify that cost of professional jewelry photography?

I could give many reasons but my simple answer is: Well-photographed images are your company's least expensive and best performing 'sales associates'!

Companies where able to forecast that the initial expense of high quality jewelry photography will ROI in multiples the initial cost. It has been also verified by numerous clients that displaying high quality images on the web helps them avoid large, unsold inventory that they would likely have if the displayed images where 'home made' or not made at all. The big question is, when your company has a database of professionally photographed jewelry images, how do you get them to work hard for you and profit from the expense? 

Although one may have had these images created

specifically to attract new online customers, there are multiple reasons to justify the investment - brochures, magazine advertising, postcard, direct mail, and many others.

Maximize the effectiveness of your high quality images.

Well-photographed and well-displayed jewelry photography is the most powerful marketing tool in online retail jewelry business. You've invested a lot of time and energy in bringing new potential customers to your web site. People acquire their wants not their needs. Why not present them with the best possible image that mirrors the quality of your jewelry? After all, jewelry is an emotional purchase and most people want to buy something nice.

Pour toutes ces raisons... how can a company justify not to buy the best jewelry photography, especially when the web site is visited repeatedly by returning customers?

P.S. We hope this helps answer your quandary!