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I have been fortunate to work with the same extremely fine jewelry photographer, Avi Roth, for over twenty years. He photographed the South Sea pearls collection for one of my clients, Murata Pearl Co., and he has photographed the jewelry of nearly every client my company has known since then. He has plenty of experience, and an excellent reputation. After we agreed how the ring shank should be presented and what hue will differentiate the white gold from platinum, the work keeps coming back as the very first sample he shot for us! But the reason that this photographer's work is priceless to me -- and why I recommend him without reservation -- is that he is what I consider a true professional.

He is ethical, enthusiastic, hard working, and creative. He delivers on time, within the agreed budget, and gets the job done the first time around. He listens to his clients' priorities and tries to focus on capturing the kind of images they envision. He cares about each and every job. He is detail oriented. He considers his jewelry photography to be "art"-- and through his pride and professionalism, they are. 

I know some colleagues who feel that they get overcharged for their jewelry photography. I know some retailers who feel their competitors get better jewelry photography than what they get from the


professional they hired. I know plenty of designers who did not particularly enjoy the wait it took to get their jewelry photographed by a professional jewelry photographer. But I have met far more jewelry professionals who regret not having professional jewelry photographers attend their needs, or regret not looking into their photographer's reputation and referrals more carefully. Professional jewelry photography perhaps does not fit every jeweler's budget, circumstance, and priority-- but it can be a truly wonderful and priceless service when handled by a true professional!!

If you choose to have only amateur photography, or none at all, I hope you are happy with your decision. In closing, let me pass on a message I found to be true from my company's past experience.

Associate with those who have both the know-how and the integrity.

I think this applies to all of your professional services, not just photography. Best wishes to you all!

Lauren Stomel
CEO and President, LSA