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Managed and profitable jewelry companies communicate frequently and consistently with their potential customer through catalogs, magazine advertising, postcards, and of course the Internet. Making use of a skilled jewelry photographer these companies invest heavily to create marketing programs that showcase their products by ways of stunning jewelry photography.

The initial cost for hiring a professional jewelry photographer can be considerable. Digital Jeweller was established specifically for companies that are converting from in-house photography to professional photography and are budgeting investment dollars.

Many of our clients, ranging in size from start-up web site retailers, individual jewelry designers to million-dollar manufacturing companies choose our services because they no longer can justify 'home produced' photography to represent their craft. Others have chosen us to expand and improve on their already available in-house jewelry photography. We pride ourselves on responsiveness and rapid turnaround. We achieve this efficiency through personal service, and a compact, closely managed, jewelry-specific enterprise. When your scheduled work arrives at our photo studio, it's considered not only top priority, but also the only priority. Not just by an individual, but by a team.


We work together with our clients, and we've learned how creativity is enhanced through collaboration. We'll save you money by saving time. Our strength is derived from our training in techniques relevant and specific to jewelry photography. That, combined with our experience in developing marketing and advertising materials, has made us "quick studies" in gaining an understanding of the specific needs of individual jewelry clients. When you add to that our fluency in electronic publishing technology and management, you'll find you can get a great deal accomplished with one phone call to Digital Jeweller.

Visual communication creates an indelible impression in the mind of potential customers. What you show and how you show it are both important to alleviate consumer concerns and reinforce an understanding about your product. Creating the right image in the right way takes a special touch: that of a professional jewelry photographer.

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