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Participants acquire a good knowledge of studio strobes and hot lights applied to a specific situation relevant to the photographed jewelry subject. We review and examine the practical applications of lighting and how it works with reflective surfaces. We also explore photographic lighting as a form of creative expression that can transform an ordinary photograph into something special, addressing how light, color, and composition combine to make visually stimulating images.

Topics covered include hard and soft light with strobe and hot lights. Will demonstrate a variety of lighting techniques, after which participants get to practice with extensive professional lighting equipment that includes strobes, softboxes, and grid spots, to name a few.

Concentrating on advanced techniques for photo-realistic retouching and photo-surrealistic image compositing, this workshop uses participants' photographic images as the main element source for learning advanced techniques of edge selection and masking, compositing with layers and layer masks, advanced blending, image enhancement, and retouching. Specific topics to be covered include developing the best strategy for creating excellent selections and masks; using Photoshop's layers for assembling


complex yet realistic image combinations; using layer masks for re-editable adjusting of composites;using blending modes and the history feature to create intricate texture mapping; color correcting for image consistency and manipulating elements; and advanced retouching techniques. The curriculum revolves around expert demonstrations as well as one-on-one tutoring. Topics are explained in detail, with plenty of time for individual exploration. This is an advanced workshop for people wishing to delve into Photoshop's true power and capabilities.

Enrollment in the workshops is limited and accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. A $200.00 deposit is required for registration. A Liability Waiver form is required, and must be presented at the start of the workshop with final payment.

Group sizes may vary from one individual to a small group of 6. The larger the group, the more economical it will be for everyone. A weekend session allows a group to schedule its own workshop wherever the group wants to photograph.

Contact to arrange your private photography tutoring. Dates are flexible, but must work around other Digital Jeweller commitments. Schedule early to guarantee getting preferred date(s).


All pricing is in US dollars. Workshop fees include instruction only. Expenses such as food, lodging, transportation, etc. are generally not included in the workshop fee.

The minimum registration for group workshops is four participants. If there are less than four participants, we may charge a supplemental fee or cancel the workshop.

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